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Diagnostic Analysis

Learn to speak like an American!

Discover what distinguishes your speech from how a native-born American speaks with one-on-one instruction.

Your Accent

The Diagnostic Analysis evaluates your accent and pronunciation, both in terms of your sound production, and your aural acuity and sound discrimination. The session is tailored to your level and nationality.

This is a fantastic book. Highly recommended. I had no idea that improving my accent would be so much fun and so interesting. — Amazon Reader. MI


The consultation lasts one hour and the fee is only $100. You will also receive an 8 page e-mail report that fully explains where your accent is standard and non-standard.

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Your Guide

The personal analysis is also a guide to using Ann Cook's textbook - you will learn which areas you need to focus on.

Supplementary materials include detailed nationality guides for eight languages (Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Indian, French, German, Russian, and Korean), and access to a comprehensive website.

AAT Classes

AAT offers a 24 hour class over the telephone — one hour sessions for 6 months. Because classes are one-on-one, you can arrange any schedule you like. AAT instructors are highly qualified, trained, and experienced. Tuition is only $2500. Call now — classes go fast!

AAT Speaks Your Language

With the personal instruction used at AAT, you can apply the techniques of American Accent Training to the language of business, physics, acting, medicine, law or any other field. Whatever you need!

The 3rd edition of the highly acclaimed American Accent Training, on 5 audio CDs, is for foreign-born students and business people working or studying in the US. Through extensive intotation and pronunciation exercises, you will learn how to speak with a standard American accent. At the same time, listening comprehension improves dramatically.

Your Private Tutor

The Diagnostic Analysis is a private tutoring session. American Accent Training--Ask as many questions as you want!

Study at Home, on Skype

AAT is an easy to learn, easy to use accent and pronunciation program for foreign-born people.

The reason AAT classes are so popular is because telephone classes are the best way to learn to speak like an American. AAT classes focus on hearing and speaking -- there are no distractions or visual cues to detract from the lesson.

The one-on-one instruction covers the American Accent training book and exercises, as well as your own individual projects.

The 6 month telephone class is your private tutoring program. Your instructor will guide you step by step to:

  • Understanding the basic speech patterns of standard American English
  • Hearing the meaning of what people are saying, not just the words
  • Developing the confidence to converse well
  • Hearing and speaking clearly over the telephone
  • Knowing which words to emphasize
  • Mastering sales talks, technical or scientific explanations, business presentations, etc.